A few weeks ago, my family took a road trip to Winona for what I thought was Minnesota's best donut shop.  According to the latest story on Yelp, I should have driven in a different direction because while Bloedow's is amazing, it wasn't picked as the best.

Minnesota Bakery Owner's Epic Response to Angry 1-Star Review

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Yelp Announces Best Donut Shops In Every State

Being the Coffee Queen of Minnesota, I know what pairs best with a good cup of joe...donuts!  I've had my fair share and know quite a few places that make amazing donuts and others that I will never bite my teeth into again.  #ThatBad

psst...if you've never gone on a coffee crawl, there is one happening this weekend in Minnesota.  Read More

I was trying to figure out where to eat the other night and went to Yelp to check a few reviews.  While I was on my hunt for a place that had amazing cheesecake, a story popped up that caught my attention and was one I knew I'd have to share with you.  A list of the top donut shops in every single state was just picked by Yelp Elites.

Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash
Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

What is a Yelp Elite?

Not sure if you were wondering this too, but before I get to the best donuts, I wanted to make sure you knew who the "Yelp Elite" is.  According to the Yelp website, individuals who are super active in the Yelp community are invited to be part of the Yelp Elite.  This is an invite-only process and a few ways to get this title include having well-crafted reviews, top-notch photos, a fleshed-out personal profile, and a proven track record of being a team player.

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Back to the Donuts!  Here's The Top Donut Shop in Minnesota

If you are looking for an amazing donut shop in Minnesota, below is the top pick in Minnesota by the Yelp Elites.

They don't post a ton on social media and I can't find a website, but you can see a few photos of their donuts and baked goods on their Facebook page here.  You can also check out the reviews that the Yelp Elites left on the Yelp website here.


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