I'd give anything to have a cantankerous ol'grampa right now. I know what he'd say. He'd say, "You kids today are soft! (kids being anyone under 60 years old) I'm surprised Autumn doesn't kill the lot of you! Now, hush up with that caterwauling and hand me the clicker so I can watch my dream girl Vanna White."

What in 'tarnation" is grampa goin' on about? The dangers of Autumn, of course. Here are the five things that could send you to an early grave courtesy of the most romantic time of the year.


Oh yeah, short days + commuting = "I can't see!"



Up in the tree, changing colors, they're beautiful. But get 'em on the ground, and add some snow like we had Sunday, and you're talking a slippery mess heck-bent on bringing you down. Even cars have been in crashes thanks to wet leaves.


3 - DEER

State Farm estimates there will be 1,500 deer-related collisions this year. Specifically, this fall!  The "lookout" deer (there's always a lookout deer to yell, "LOOK OUT!" when a car is coming) gets distracted by the pretty leaves and boom. Click here to read all about how Minnesota is super dangerous deer wise.


Most of the 23,000 house fires from a dangerous/untended/rebellious fireplace happen in the fall.


(Valentines Candlelight Ski)
(Valentines Candlelight Ski)

You know how candles always say, "Do not leave burning candle unattended"? Well, who follows those rules? ((none of us raise our hands). Well, we should. Every fall, as people start using more candles, bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms start seeing more and more fires. Also, a fifth of people dying in fires, do it when they fall asleep with a candle burning.

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