If you haven't consumed an entire container of Top the Tater, are you a true Minnesotan?

The answer is "no", btw. 

And yes, I am fully aware that Top the Tater is a favorite in Wisconsin as well.  Illinois and Iowa are still a work in progress but I have faith that they will come around and make Top the Tater their #1 choice too.


If you are scratching your head right now and have no clue what Top the Tater is, I was once in your shoes.  Minnesota will show you that "nice" we are known for but you do need to go try this dip asap because it is truly the best.  Lucky for you, Top the Tater is now being sold at a gas station we have at basically every corner.

Minnesota and Wisconsin's Favorite Dip Is Now Available At Popular Gas Station

One of my favorite, and sometimes scary parts of parenting teens, is the random photos that show up on my phone.  I really never know what my kids are going to text me.  Example, I hate snakes and I will often receive videos where the snake lunges toward the screen. I have now blocked that child.  jk

I got a little smile at the latest picture sent via text by one of my kids because they know my strong feelings about Top the Tater.  Since I am in Kwik Trip every day basically, I know what the shelves and labels look like and I could tell immediately that the photo they sent just revealed that I can now find Top the Tater at Kwik Trip.

I'm not sure how long this has been on store shelves at Kwik Trip, or if it is more expensive there than other stores.  I mean, can you really put a price tag on Top the Tater?  Well, I guess you can since there is one, but a few cents at one place vs. another isn't going to make me drive to another location to save that cash.  I get my bananas at Kwik Trip and now I'm going to just grab some Top the Tater while I'm dropping by.

google maps
google maps

Do me a favor, don't buy all of it at the Kwik Trip store on North Broadway in Rochester, Minnesota.  If you do, I'll have to write a story about how it has disappeared from store shelves at Kwik Trip.  😉

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