I received some bad Halloween candy back in my day, but even a handful of circus peanuts wouldn't compare to getting this horrible "treat" in my bag.

No great Halloween story will ever start with getting a salad, and hopefully it never will because I don't see anything "fun" about these supposed fun-sized servings...

There’s a meme going around on social media that shows these new “Dole mini salad” packs. Check this out:

Photo Credit: Adam the Creator via Instagram
Photo Credit: Adam the Creator via Instagram

First of all, can you imagine finding one of these in your kids candy buckets? I would think miniature packets of dressing and croutons would be next, right?

Don't worry, though. Your kids won't be bringing these home because it's simply a joke.

Adam the Creator” posted the image of these snack-sized salads was on Instagram and as usual the Internet took things from there.

The mini salad joke is a play on some people who try to give out healthy Halloween snacks.

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