A lot of people give up treats like chocolate (brownies!), fast food or swearing during Lent. But some people are stopping the give-ups and doing add-ons! Instead of giving up a bad habit, you use the time to start a good habit, like making your bed every morning for 40 days.

One guy named Jim (not me, I swear) added grocery-store-checkout-fundraisers. Whatever the fundraiser was, he said yes to it. "Want to round up to $20.00 to help Channel One?" You bet!!!

close-up of a boy praying

A pastor led me to the next level on the add-ons. If you're doing give-ups as part of a religious observation, give up something time consuming you really like. If you bowl...take 40 days off. THEN, your add-on is using that time for prayer, service to others, or uninterrupted family time.

Want to add-on volunteer time? Alone or with family, it is incredibly fulfilling (and will likely be something you do not quit at the end of the forty days). The United Way of Olmsted County has a great volunteer opportunity finder on their website. Just click HERE and find something that fits your skill-set. 

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