In the last few weeks, much of the world has been concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus. Grocery stores have seen empty shelves. There are shortages of masks, hand sanitizers, and cleaning supplies. No one is taking these concerns lightly including the MLB. According to Bring Me The News, the MLB sent out a note to all the teams about their concerns, which lead the Minnesota Twins to put a "No physical contact with fans," policy into place.

Training camp is taking place in Fort Myers, Florida at the Century Link Sports Complex. The team is enjoying the beautiful sun before their season opener in three weeks against Oakland. They have been out there since the second week in February.

The article says Thursday morning players were told they aren't allowed to give high fives, do fist bumps or shake fan's hands at training camp. They also aren't allowed to accept writing utensils including sharpies from fans to sign autographs. Twins staff want to be super careful at preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

According to the article, the staff is trying to figure out a way to get fans autographs from their favorite players without contact. They don't want the fans to be disappointed because they weren't able to get their hands on the autographs they went to training camp to get.

With baseball season quickly approaching, the article did say there aren't any plans to cancel or postpone games due to the Coronavirus. The MLB is just trying to protect players and fans from spreading the illness.

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