I'm about to admit something I don't need to share, but if just one person finds a smile deep inside their politics-weary day, I'll take one for the team.

Most days of the week, I drive to and fro from the radio station along 6th Street SW.  A few weeks ago, right there on the edge of Pill Hill, I spied with my eye this cute little red car.

It caught my eye for a couple of reasons.  First off, Pasquale's Pizza is a new New York style pizza joint that is set to open pretty soon.  More importantly, its location is close enough to the back door of the radio station, that I might be able to race over there for a slice during a long song!!

Anyway, cute car leads to day dreaming about what will hopefully be delicious lunch breaks in my future and so I've got Pasquale's on my mind.

Then a few days ago I drove past the usual spot on 6th Street and saw another cute little delivery car!

If you work for Pasquale's or if you live on Pill Hill, you already know the REST of the story...

The green car IS the red car!

I laughed so hard when I realized my misunderstanding, I almost hit a tree.

So let's recap:  I'm hungry for pizza AND easily entertained by my own nonsense.

Hope it made you smile!