I am rather fond of storms, and I know that sounds strange.  I like it when it clouds over, it rains or beautiful lightning strikes highlight the sky.  I was a really young child with my family up in Northern Minnesota on vacation one year when a tornado rolled through.  We were downtown and stuck inside a building that was mostly glass windows, so as you can about imagine, it was not too safe during the tornado warning.

Two incredible videos of the powerful forces of mother nature can be seen below.  One happened in Canada late last month, when somebody captured a bolt of lightning striking a pickup truck.  It's pretty wild!  The other was in Missouri at a gym and it left people scrambling during their work-out when a tornado struck the fitness club they were at. Have you ever been in any situation like this?  I was once upon a time, with a situation similar to the tornado one.   It was eerily similar actually.

I was so young that I do not remember too many of the details, but what I do remember is that my grandmother pretty much threw herself over me to protect me in the case that the winds were to damage the glass, but there was not enough time to really seek other shelter.  Everyone that was with our family all gathered in the center of the building until the storm blew over.   All of us were safe but it was very scary, loud and a huge adreniline rush.  Yes there was some pretty drastic damage to the building that we were in at the time, much like in the second video of the fitness club at the gym.

This first video, involved an elderly couple, who both survived this lightning strike, but wow, the video footage is unreal and it makes you wonder how they did!

Below is the 2nd video of recent occurrences, the gym and the tornado.  Mother nature is a pretty strong force that you don't want to mess with!