It’s been a rainy, rainy, rainy week in Minnesota, but (so far) it looks like we’re on track for some nicer weather this weekend. Some of you might be heading to the lakes to hang with the loons. But you should probably be warned that the other Minnesota State “birds” will be out in full force:


Ugh, those guys.

According to the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, mosquitoes are expected to be in full force this weekend due to the recent heavy rain. Much like a scene from a horror film, the rain gave them the perfect condition to lay their eggs. And now that the weather is getting warmer, those eggs are ready to hatch. And you better believe those suckers are hungry…for your blood.

So what can you do?

For one, you may want to avoid swampy areas, because those will be ripe with the skeetos. Homeowners can also reduce the amount of pests by dumping out anything holding water, like an inflatable pool. You may want to hold off on that sprinkler system, too. And of course, stocking up on mosquito repellent is always a great idea around these parts. Good luck!

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