This is one of those videos that shows bad parenting. It should be shown to all parents of student-athletes before each season. The video is from the popular smartphone app TikTok and shows an umpire leaving a game presumably after it had already started when the parents in the crowd won't stop making rude and uncalled for comments. Watch and listen to it for yourself.

The video starts off with the umpire telling a parent in the stands to stop chattering at him. Other parents then join in including what sounds like a woman very near the TikTok user Griswald3 videoing the incident.

As you saw once the woman makes the height comment to the umpire, he has enough and walks off. You can hear him in the video as he is leaving saying "sorry" and "goodbye" to the coaches and makes some comment about "before I drove here" and exits out the gate.

Some people feel it was an over-reaction on the umpire, while I personally feel it is the parents who should be blamed in this instance.

What is the example that is being set here in front of these kids? It's ok to be rude to the officials?

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