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You can find unicorns everywhere these days. In shops in Downtown Rochester, on rainbows, and now, walking dogs in Florida (FLORIDA!*). An actual unicorn? Yes. At least, that's how I see it. #FightMe.

Is the unicorn really walking dogs because of the Coronavirus? Yes. But it's not a side effect of having had Corona-19. It's a side effect of being a dog trainer and having a great sense of humor and a desire to put smiles on faces.

According to News18, Roehr is wearing the big puffy unicorn costume to be fun, to keep people a few feet away, and...to be fun. Comments on her Facebook posts tell the story of people getting a laugh out of the silliness and when you watch the video, you will, too!

But wait, there's more!

And lately, the unicorn has been getting more adventurous!

And it's even spread to Michigan!

*Fans of the Y-105FM Early Morning Show remind you to shout Florida whenever you hear or see the word.


Used with permission of LSSU - Click for link.
Used with permission of LSSU - Click for link.

Look at that! Regal, official, and definitely something any self-respecting Unicorn or unicorn lover should have!

click HERE and download your own unicorn questing license from Lake Superior State University (don't click and save that picture up there, you want the big, juicy, perfect one for printing). How do I know about this? Because James Rabe is my secret identity. My real name is DJ Pon-e



Where: Everywhere. Except for the basement. They hate damp places and "wreck rooms."

When: According to LSSU, "Unicorns may be taken during daylight and dark except for those hours when the Tooth Fairy is about. She was once frightened by a grumpy unicorn and in deference to her attitude, we make the exception." Also, parentilly enforced not questing hours.


  • Just Looking? Then just look.
  • Gathering? You will need a small telescope, a matchbox, and tweezers. When you see a Unicorn, look at it thru the wrong end of the telescope, pick it up with the tweezers, and put it in the matchbox. You have now gathered a unicorn.

How NOT To Quest

  • Don't look for unicorns.
  • Stay at home, watch some Netflix, write about your day.
  • Maybe bug mom and dad for some ice cream.
  • Under no circumstances are you to even think about looking out the window at 10:01 PM, in the attic, or in the garage.

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