Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  A shooting in northwest Rochester Tuesday night left one person in the hospital but there could have been several other victims.

Police Capt John Sherwin says a man who lives near Madonna Towers was outside his residence around 8:45 talking to his babysitter and her mother when a neighbor suddenly appeared and began shooting at him. The man was hit in the chest by one round, just a few inches from his heart.  He, the babysitter and her mother jumped into the woman’s car and she began driving away. The shooter continued firing and the woman’s vehicle was hit by several bullets, some smashing into the windshield.

The man who had been shot jumped out and ran back to his residence to be with his two young children. A police officer arrived and the victim told him where the shooter was. The officer went to the shooter’s nearby home and found him sitting outside. The man - 30-year-old Roderick Malone - was taken into custody and is facing attempted murder and other charges. A 9 millimeter handgun was recovered.

Roderick Malone - Olmsted County ADC photo
Roderick Malone - Olmsted County ADC photo

Sherwin says the shooter fired more than 20 rounds in just a few minutes and some went more than 600 feet. Two hit an occupied house in the 1900 block of 38th St and two others struck a garage. At least one other vehicle was also hit.

Sherwin says the victim was in critical condition at last report. He says the two men know each other and it’s not  known what prompted the shooting.


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