There's nothing like moving into a new place and, before a year is out, discovering a problem. Or many problems. Or millions of dollars worth of problems.

The Star Tribune is reporting

...leaky walls and loose panels remain a concern without definitive agreement on the extent of the problem or the proper repairs, stadium officials said Friday.

In a building this size, of course there will be problems. But one of the problems should have been planned for before it was built. This past winter, they had to manually remove icicles so they wouldn't hurt pedestrians. To fix that problem, a heat system to melt 'em will be installed. But why wasn't that part of the original plan?

This is Minnesota, we get icicles. Plan for it.

Also, who pays for the repairs? Straight up repairs? We're told it's the builder, Mortenson. But the system to get rid of icicles? That's new, so it wouldn't be a surprise if Mortenson expected the stadium folks to pick up that tab.


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