Many Americans will be hitting the road over the long 4th of July holiday weekend.   This brings up a couple of interesting questions.  Who is the better driver…Mom or Dad?  And who would you rather road trip with?  A new national poll, commissioned by Visiting Angels, found that more than half (63%) of adult children polled think Dad is a better driver than Mom, however 54% said they’d rather road trip with Mom than Dad.

Some of the reasons people chose Mom as a better road trip companion include the fact that mom’s usually are neater…they choose better music to listen to…and are more likely to want to stop and sit down to eat.  Dad’s generally are knocked for driving too fast…taking control of the radio…and being stubborn about the AC or heat in the car.   Dads were also cited as being more prone to “road rage” than moms.

We’re planning an upcoming family vacation and my wife and I will split the driving duties.  The roles are slightly reversed in our situation.  She’s more of a “leadfoot” on the gas pedal than I am and she usually does the AC/Heat controls in our vehicle.  Generally, I’m the one more likely to want to stop and sit down to eat and of course, I’m certain that I choose the better music (she and my son might not necessarily agree with me on this point). Either way, I’m just grateful that I have a wife who actually prefers to drive more than I do.  Get us out on the open road and I’m fine sitting back and taking a nap.

If you’re hitting the road this holiday weekend…drive carefully and safe travels!