Yeah, apparently they do.

I agree with this woman.  That doesn't sound too appetizing.   I never knew that. I decided to do a little investigating, low and behold!  Look what I found:

Kraft Recipies

There is a recipe for it.   Click the photo if you're curious.  I do love cheese, and I do love fudge.  Perhaps this will have to be sampled in the future, even if on paper it doesn't sound that awesome.

On a more serious note, there is going to be a shortage of Velveeta cheese for the Superbowl.  What will the cheese lovers do?

Cheese is my favorite food group, well, besides chocolate.   Granted, there are many other kinds of cheese, and several not made by Velveeta, so I don't think we need to be too alarmed.   Our neighbors, Wisconsin, have so much of it they are using it to salt their roads.  Are we cheese lovers in MN safe?

Kraft spokeswoman Jody Moore, no relation to myself, told Advertising Age that there would be a shortage during the height of 'dip' season.