They say all good things must come to an end…but, let’s be honest, that’s a lie. All good things do not HAVE to come to an end. Like, oh, I don’t know…BUBBLE WRAP!?

Bubble Wrap does nothing but offer us love, and what’s happened? Sealed Air Corp, the company that makes Bubble Wrap, is about to start selling a version you can’t pop!

Now, when you receive a package, it’ll probably be wrapped in their NEW wrap, made with bubbles, but unpopable! GAHHHHH!

This is devastating news for old and young alike. Oh, sure…they SAY they’ll still make the real deal, but how long do you think that’ll last. The new stuff has lower overall costs, so, which one’ll last?

Right, say goodbye bubble wrap. So long fun. Adios foot stomping good times. Hello to drudgery.

BUT WAIT…there’s hope! I found a website where Bubble Wrap will live forever. Click the screen shot to enjoy VIRTUAL Bubble Wrap! Roll your mouse over the bubble, and pop, pop, POP the joy back into your life! If you can handle the buzz, click "manic mode" and letterrip!

You're welcome.