While we've had a relatively uneventful summer so far, parts of the country are going through an un-bear-able heatwave. That's why so many enjoy a good dip in the pool to cool off. Even bears. Watch this young cub named Bruiser Bear jump in a backyard pool, not once but twice. It's obvious that he's some sort of pet owned by the cameraman, who has no fear.

Personally, I'd never go near a bear...even a friendly one...after watching that documentary a couple of years ago called "Grizzly Man". It's about a grizzly bear activist that befriended some bears and recorded his encounters with them until his final one. (Spoiler alert: a so-called friendly bear turned on him and it didn't end well).

In any case, I'll admit that this 'pool bear' is cute and fun to watch, especially from the safe comfort of my computer screen.

Lately the news has been full of things to avoid in the water this summer: sharks, toxic algae and you might as well add swimming bears to the list too. Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!