Oh great, another cinematic movie universe! (That was sarcasm by the way)

Minnesota's own General Mills certainly gets points for creativity if this were to happen, however, I don't think it'll get very far. Rumor has it they've launched a website called Work With Monsters where, they claim, they're recruiting the best and brightest talent to help them build all kinds of content with their Cereal Monsters — in their words “the next great Hollywood blockbuster.”

Get your popcorn ready, because according to Nerdist, General Mills’ own monster cereals like Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and yes even Boo Berry would all get their chance to appear on the big screen... and yet I can't even comprehend how this could possibly be successful?

Granted, if Hollywood can make a $200 million films about Battleship, then even a Boo Berry is possible.

Believe it or not, General Mills points out that they were once a major player in the world of children’s entertainment:

In the 1960s, General Mills and Hollywood teamed-up on a first-of-its-kind media and shows division dedicated to creating children’s animated TV shows. Among the original shows were “The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle,” “Underdog,” “Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales” and “Young Samson and Goliath.” General Mills’ media and shows division worked directly with studios such as Hanna-Barbera and Total Television to create and distribute fully-produced half-hour cartoon shows to television stations.

Yes, because that Rocky & Bullwinkle live-action movie turned out to be such an all-time classic! (Again, sarcasm)

Again, I'm stoked that somebody is thinking outside of the box for a change instead of rebooting the same old movies and characters for the second or even third time like Hollywood often does - But if you're going to start somewhere, why not the Trix rabbit, Lucky from Lucky Charms or even that silly Cocoa Puffs bird?

Anyways, General Mills would love to hear from you on the matter so maybe I'll submit that last idea before the rest of you steal it and make boat load of money off of my brilliance.

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