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Saturday's forecast is perfect to get out and enjoy the first few days of fall AND leftover summer temperatures all Walk N Rolled into one! Walk N Roll? Yep, the annual fundraiser for Bear Creek Services is on this weekend in Rochester, Minnesota!

Back up there, Jimmy...what's Bear Creek Services? Officially, "Bear Creek Services is a non-profit organization based in Rochester, MN, that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries."

I said official because on their website, they break it down like this...they're in a partnership between the people enrolled in their services and their staff members. Independence, fun, spirituality, family...and more...it all Walk and Rolls into living your best life.

Bear Creek Services

What happens to the money you raise? It'll go to help buy a wheelchair accessible van for the Kelly D's group home. Kelly D's is a home for individuals who have traumatic brain injuries.

Now, on to the party!

Dancing at the Bear Creek Services Walk N'Roll in October 2019. Photo: James Rabe

The event is this Saturday from 10:30 AM to 12 PM at Arboglen Park in Northwest Rochester! Just like it is every year, it'll be a blast, and yes, there will be dancing! If you can't make it to the in person event (there will be a LOT of space at the park for social distancing), join Bear Creek Services virtually. Just click here or to donate, click here.

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