Attention dog owners!  A recall was issued by the FDA for a popular dog food item sold in Minnesota and throughout the U.S. due to levels of vitamin D that are possibly elevated.  This elevation can cause a variety of health problems for your dog and you should check today to make sure you aren't feeding the recalled food to your beloved pet.

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Dog Food Recalled

According to the website, a recall was issued by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company voluntarily for one of their dry dog foods as a result of two dogs showing signs of vitamin D toxicity.  Thankfully, once the dogs quit eating the product involved in the recall, their medical condition improved and they recovered.

Below are a few details from the posted recall as well as reasons for the recall:

  • Product Recalled - Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EL Elemental (PPVD EL) prescription dry dog food, 8 pound and 20 pound bags.
  • UPC Code -  38100 19190 – 8 lb and 38100 19192 – 20 lb
  • Production Code -
    • 2249 1082
      2250 1082
      2276 1082
      2277 1082
      2290 1082
      2360 1082
      2361 1082
  • Reason for the Recall - there is a possibility that there are elevated levels of vitamin D in the product.  The vitamin is a nutrient that is important for a dog and their nutrition but an elevated level can lead to various health issues including vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, and excessive drooling due to kidney dysfunction.
  • Where the product was purchased - the dog food that is part of the recall is available by prescription only and available at veterinary clinics, Purina Vet Direct, Purina for Professionals, and other locations that are able to validate prescriptions.

What to do if you have the product that has been recalled

If you notice that your product matches the UPC codes and Production Codes, you are asked to throw the food away immediately in a container that other animals are not able to access.  If you notice that your pet is experiencing any of the symptoms indicated above with vitamin D toxicity, you are asked to contact your veterinarian.

If you have any questions or need help getting a refund, you can contact the team at the following:

See the entire recall for this product at

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