If you are struggling to get through your Wednesday, here's something that i'm sure will pick you up! If you're anything like me you will find this video of an adorable baby moose walking on pavement for the first time to be the cutest thing you've ever seen.

In the video posted by Bonita Poulin on Facebook, you see a Cow and her calf crossing what looks to be a highway. The Cow has no problem walking across the pavement and making sure that the cars stop for the little one to make it across. The little calf walks up to the pavement and put's it hoof on the road and immediately pulls back and moves away. I'm pretty sure if the moose could speak it would be saying, "nope, not today".

Once the Mother notices the calf is not wanting to cross, she stands in the middle of the road to coax the little one across. After a few seconds of building up the courage to cross, the little moose finally "high steps" its way across and reunites with its mother.

How cute is that? Hopefully this video helps you get through your workday!

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