Only YOU can cause nightmares in small children. Or was it forest fires? Anyway, the person in this Smokey the Bear costume caused at least one child to break out in a wildly fearful tantrum at the DNR tent today at FarmFest 2019. And after watching the video, I can't blame the little one. 

I mean look at those eyes! Those cold, dead, eyes.

The short video was posted by the
Minnesota DNR as they celebrate Smokey the Bears 75th birthday. Those that stopped by the tent got to enjoy some cake, and if they weren't terrified by the bear roaming the tent, could also snag a picture. Kinda like these here...  


Instead of tipping over garbage cans and stealing picnic baskets like any other bear we know, Smokey takes his cake on a plate...

The video ends as another child realizes the giant shirtless bear is coming their way and also begins to wail. Poor Smokey.

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