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A video was captured in a Minnesota backyard of an encounter the family dog had with a deer. At first, it looks like they may become friends until the very end.

The video was taken by Julie Laverdiere who sent it to KARE 11. It's just a minute-long video. The family dog who is a schnauzer was standing as still as a statue when the deer came up. I'm not sure what it means when a deer has its tail up and poofed out the way it does but I would imagine it's similar to other animals, she was probably trying to make herself look more intimidating.

When the family's dog was just standing there the deer very slowly approaches the dog in a zig-zagging position, kind of deciding whether this is a good idea or not. Finally, she gets within about 3 feet or so of the dog. Instead of deciding to befriend the deer, the dog takes off at the deer and chases the deer off into the woods. Rude! Maybe they could have been buddies! That would have been so cute.

Check out the video taken by Julie (which was then shared on KARE 11's YouTube page) below:

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