My boys think they've pulled one over on The Old Man, but I think I've figured out to stay one step ahead of them...

0 Justin Lawnboy

There was a time when my boys loved to mow the lawn. They saw me mowing, and they begged and pleaded to let them mow. So I let 'em. I made it their job and one of their chores. Pretty much that's what it's become. A chore. I must've taken all the fun out of somewhere. Instead of watching me mow, I'm watching them mow.

My boy, Justin, comes up to me this last Saturday and says to me, Hey, Bro - I've gone from being "Popi" to "Bro" - Hey, Bro, he says to me, the lawn's not tall enough to mow. I saw right away what he was doing. I'm a procrastinator with the best of 'em. I am the king of procrastinators. I've done this same thing to my wife. I know Saturday's the day to mow, but the lawn's not ready for me. It's not about me, it's about what the lawn needs.


So, I said to my boys, Okay. Mow the lawn that's ready and tall enough. Then, one day next week you'll have to come back and mow the rest of the lawn.

Here's how I'm stayin' on top of that

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