It was August 24th I reported Daube's Bakery was going to open a third location (adding to the one across from Barlow Plaza and the one in the Subway). I tried to find out where it would open, but no one was talking. Not the staff, not the owner, not even the Rochester Post Bulletin's Sherlock Holmes of business news, Jeff Kiger, knew where it was opening.

Tight-lipped, super secret, hush-hush. Well, all that's been blown to bits because my keen eye found the truth! As you can see in the picture above, a weeeee Daube's logo has been added to a building right near the Olmsted County Fairgrounds.

PHOTO: James Rabe for TSM-R
PHOTO: James Rabe for TSM-R

The new location is on the corner of South Broadway and 16th Street. The building most recently was Carousel Floral. Before that, I remember a FlowerRama and before that, a fast food Italian place. Not Fazoli's, some other brand with spaghetti in the name. Anyone remember it?

I'm surprised they picked that corner. It took me about five minutes to get pictures last night, and about 15 to get in and out. The traffic can be pretty busy there. And to get in, you have to stop FAST and turn very sharply. On the other hand, It is the only locally owned bakery in that part of SW Rochester (I don't count Wal-Mart, Target, Kwik Trip, etc.)

When will this new location open? Looking in the windows, there is still work to be done. Outside were signs of painting. So, I guess that's the next mystery to be solved!

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