My husband has his pilot's license and to say that we keep tabs on the weather at our house would be an understatement.  If you were watching the weather in Rochester, Minnesota today, you may have noticed the odd precipitation that showed up too.  If not, I'll fill you in.

We Now Know Who To Blame For The False Weather Report in Rochester

Earlier on Wednesday, November 2nd, the US National Weather Service La Crosse Wisconsin posted a photo on their Facebook page that there was a little issue that showed up at the Rochester International Airport.

For those in the Rochester area, you have probably noticed that the airport has been reporting light rain off and on this afternoon. The sensor is not broken. The present weather sensor is simply seeing a cobweb. When it is windy, these webs blow around quite a bit. This tricks the sensor into thinking it is raining when in reality there is no rain falling. As the winds die down late this afternoon and evening, the sensor will likely quit reporting light rain.

There wasn't any rain today but we DID have some pretty amazing temperatures.  Hopefully you had a chance to enjoy it because that cold air and snow is coming up next.

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Did I See Snow in Southeast mid-October?

I was driving back to Rochester, Minnesota a few weeks ago from Wisconsin, and on I-90, coming straight at my windshield were the horrible white flakes we know as snow.  I almost stopped my car because I was in shock that it was happening already on October 14th.

Most of my co-workers would tell you that I’m not a fan.  When that “s” word shows up in the forecast, it takes every bit of power inside of my body and it hurts my bones to say the precipitation that is expected to be in our air -"snow".

MnDOT snowplow near Owatonna/MnDOT
MnDOT snowplow near Owatonna/MnDOT

I’ve heard all of the “change your perspective” talks and “it will be better” and “be thankful for the snow, we need the moisture” conversations. I’m trying. I always try to be real though with you and if I’m being honest, I’d rather have a beach and the ocean next to me.

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