As you may know, many of us around here got involved with Rochester's Litter Bit Better campaign this year. If you live in a community that does a Cleanup Week, you've got yourself a pretty good deal. You clean up your area, put it out on the curb, and the city's sanitation crews come by and take it away. Sometimes, you find the weirdest stuff, like what they found up in Moorhead during a recent cleanup day!

Oh, those goofs!

A boat?

Yes. A boat. The city said they won't pick it up, but the homeowner said the website lists all sorts of things they won't pick up, but boats aren't on the list. Doesn't sound like they're angry, though. They just thought it was worth a shot.

As for those of us who participated during Litter Bit Better? Well, we also found some awesome stuff! Check it out!

Here are some of the craziest cleanup day items I found back when I lived in Fargo. My favorite is the old-school microwave. Looks like it's STILL leaking radiation.

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