You'd think most of these would be common sense, but if you've never lived in a cold climate, you get a pass the first time. A second offense and you will lose the privilege of flannel shirts. A third, we take your flannel sheets away, a fourth, you're giving up that electric blanket, comforter, and heaters. After that we get tough.

Some of the rules...

  • Slow Down - I know it sounds simple, but every time there's new snow, bam, crash, blup, cars going too fast can't stop and get into crashes. Not accidents...crashes.
  • What to Wear - Boots, a warm jacket, a scarf, cuddle duds, layers....and a hat. Yes, the hat will mess up your hair. Big time. ((tee hee))
  • Liquids - Don't pour your coffee/soda/liquid out on the pavement at a gas station (or on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, etc). It is cold. It'll freeze and people'll slip on it.
  • Your Car and Snow I - Remember to brush off the top of your car so you don't create a mini-blizzard for the cars behind you. This goes for your hood, too. The snow there will go up and over your windshield.
woman cleaning window of car from the snow with scraper
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  • Sidewalks - You are responsible for the sidewalk in front of your house. Please shovel it. If you have some ice-melt or sand, please use it. It's the law to shovel, but it is also a kindness for your neighbors.
  • Home Snow Clearance - If your driveway gets plowed out, remember, pushing it across the street can leave snow trails on either side of the blade. Police your snow trails. If people start driving on 'em, they'll turn into speed bumps.
  • Karma - It has a way of delivering instance justice. One of the reasons so many people go slow on a super icy or snow day is because we've learned. If we whip past people we're likely to lose control and crash. That's karma, baby.
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