Mmmm Bacon. The beloved, crispy pork product is front and center in the fast-food burger battle. Just days after McDonald’s announced a new bacon-centric menu, Wendy’s pushed back on Monday with a new deal for a FREE Baconator cheeseburgers. 

Yesterday on Twitter Wendy’s told everyone how they could score a free burger! You are going to have to go through the DoorDash app on your smartphone. You know the app right next to your Power 96 app. From Monday, January 28 through Monday, February 4, though the company did say online that “there’s no telling what we’ll do next week… or the next week.” The Wendy’s deal came out the day before McDonald’s was set to unleash its bacon menu by hosting a Bacon Hour with free bacon on any order (seriously any order for instance on a sundae, McFlurry, or fillet-o-fish) Today from 4 to 5pm local time.

While McDonald’s Bacon Hour will take place for one hour on one day, Wendy’s deal will last a full week. There’s a catch to the free burger though. To score your free Baconator, you’ll have to spend $10 on something else and use the code FREEBACONATOR at checkout.
To be absolutely clear, the deal is ONLY good via DoorDash, so don't expect to walk into your local Wendy's and snag a free Baconator.

In the short term we can all benefit from the fight for bacon dominance, one crispy slice at a time.

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