Trying to get folks to agree on the best season is difficult. No, not salt versus pepper.  I'm talking seasons, not seasonings!

This morning I read a story about the Hindu calendar and the fact that it spans six seasons instead of four. While we consider the year to include winter, spring, summer and fall; they have summer, monsoon, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. Autumn is my favorite season, so my first thought was, "Lucky ducks! Their autumn is so long it spans two seasons!"

But it got me thinking... what would the six seasons of the Midwest be?

My second favorite season is winter, so I'm going to start by dividing that in two. My list of six starts with the awesomeness of winter and followed by 'late winter.' You know, the maddening time around March when it seems like winter and spring coexist in alternating five-minute increments. Want to go show-shoeing this Saturday? Sorry, it's 58 degrees and the snow all melted. Want to take the kids to the park to play on swings? Sorry, it's 18 degrees and the north wind is gusting birds out of the sky. You, Late Winter, are the worst!

Next up is Spring, Summer, and then comes Late Summer.  That time of year when the sun is setting earlier, but it's still warm enough to pretend it's summer. (I'm looking at you, October!)  After persevering through all that, we are rewarded with Autumn. Oh, how we love you autumn with your Harvest moon and pumpkin-spiced everything. Please don't ever leave us!

To recap my six seasons: winter, late winter, spring, summer, late summer and autumn.

What would YOUR six seasons look like?

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