Science has found that it's not stress that's keeping us up!

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On school nights, we enforce a pretty strict bedtime. Mainly because neither Cathy or I want to be bothered with the morning crabbiness. So, we have the exhausting argument with the kids that it's time to shut up and go to sleep at 9 pm, every night.

We do roll bedtime back on Friday and Saturday nights. Which is great, because we like to stay up late and sleep in on the weekends.

Friday nights are kinda wide open.

But Saturday nights are 'Family Game and Movie' night. It's one of the two nights a week, where we all disconnect from everything else and hang out together. We'll have pizza or walking tacos. We'll sit down at the table for dinner. Maybe play a couple of hands of Uno and trash talk how we're going to beat each other. Then we'll pick a movie. We'll take turns on that, so we see something different. Somebody's favorite every week. I'm still waiting my turn so we can watch Galaxy Quest! Usually it's a double feature. Every now and again we'll take a field trip and go bowling, and maybe get in some laser tag.

A new survey found that the number one thing people are willing to give up sleep for is family time. 43% said another thing they'd stay up late for is date night. 30% divide their time between watching something on TV or sending work e-mails.

Science also found that we feel it on Monday morning. I know it! I come in to work on Monday just to catch up on the sleep I lose over the weekend. How about you?

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