Did you spend a bunch of extra time last week getting ready for the long holiday weekend and the short work week afterward?

I don't know of any week that I wouldn't describe as "long". Even if it's just eight hours a day and forty hours a week.

Are you un-laxing and re-winding by maybe turning off your phone and not checking e-mails over the weekend?

Another great way to "de-stress" getting some exercise, by maybe going out for the annual Med City Marathon.

Or, you could what one of my buddies is doing part of this weekend.

Probably one of the best ways to relax after a long week, is to (wait for it) shift gears with a hobby or a project. My wife loves needlepoint! Her needlepoint projects look almost painted!

My buddy J is doing some remodeling on his house. He just took out a wall and made a breakfast nook. He's redoing the floor in his basement. Out in his garage he's putting a new engine in his truck.

My buddy James is redoing his deck. The demo on the old deck is already done, he's just got get crackin' on throwin' up the new boards. Or should I say, his wife's gotta crack the whip on the deadline.

After the Memorial Day service and before grilling out, what project are you gonna tackle? Share a picture of your project in the comments.

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