A friend tipped me off to this post in the Rochester Marketplace. I think you'll agree...what the flamin' hooty-hoo? Definitely a pet peeve for a lot of people. 

I get wanting to sell stuff, but when I read the post, all I could think was, "Who would do this? And why would someone buy it NOW?" Well, it's off the marketplace now, so it must have sold. Check it out.


See the problem? I don't get

a) Why someone would sell it now when you can't get it 'til after Christmas.

ii) Why anyone would BUY it now, when they can't get it 'til after Christmas. What if it gets ruined between now and then? How do you know you'll get what you paid for? Ugh.

Well, it turns out, a poll of my friends revealed this is a pretty small pet peeve compared to the BIG ones...

  • People not showing up.
  • People not responding.
  • Giving you their life story why they can only give you $40, and not $45.

What else should be on the list?

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