I was alone at a restaurant (that's me in the picture), having some BFD (breakfast for dinner), when I saw a co-worker. She waved. I waved. And I figured they’d come over to talk when they were done. Nope! She came right over and asked if I was waiting for anyone. Nope, I responded, just eating. She gave me a weird look and asked if I wanted to join ‘em. I said sure! SO I did and we had a good time.

During the meal, though, they said how odd they thought it was that I was eating alone. I said I do it all the time. No big whoop…I enjoy it.  One of 'em said, "Well, it's not odd for YOU! You're James Rabe. You do odd stuff all the time.  But people?  People don't do that...they don't eat alone, they don't go to movies alone...they do it with people. You don't have your laptop out, you're not doing any work...you're just...just sitting there, eating and reading a book.  That's ODD."

Hear the calls we got, and, please, lemme know what you do alone?