Looking at these numbers from science, I'm thinkin' our kids might need an accountant to manage their allowance!

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We didn't do allowance very long. We tried it for about a week. Then, we flipped it. Chores, good grades, best behavior, all add up points toward privileges. For teenagers, privileges are like gold - better than currency.

This new survey crunched some figures for what we pay our kids to do around the house.

Allowance starts pretty young. The average 4-year-old piggy-banks $2.60 a week! Just being a "good kid" gets a kid $2.90!

The chore that kids bank most on? Cleaning their own room. Now why would you pay a kid to clean up after him/herself? A kid cleaning his or her own room can sweep up $3.90. Doing dishes, vacuuming, taking out the trash, or helping with laundry don't make nearly as much. There's more green outdoors! Digging in in the garden is worth just a little over $10!

What are kids spending all this hard-earned lettuce on? Apps and phones.

Maybe they're supplementing their income with a lemonade stand?


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