The story is all over the country...Brian Nielsen drove a Heartland Fire Department truck in Albert Lea's Third of July Parade and a lot of people were upset. He's apologized and says he understands why everyone's upset. He also said he was just trying to make a statement about how we're too PC.

A couple things. A lot of people on-line are saying he's being denied his First Amendment rights. I don't beleive that's accurate. If he was on his own time with his own vehicle, you may have an argument, but he was using his employer's vehicle, not his own.

Also, a lot of people are talking about this as though it's a new controversy. Like it popped up because a racist terrorist shot up a church and he loved that flag. The history of the flag and folks being opposed to it goes way back (in SC, at least back to 2000, but also back to the 60's).

I believe y'all'd have to be living under a rock to not know that the flag causes a lot of hurt feelings, anger, and arguments. So, from that perspective, the question I'm asking isn't "was it his right to", or "was he right to"...but should he have flown the flag as he did?

What do you think?