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I saw a story out of Thailand with the PERFECT solution to Rochester's litterbug problem (and it doesn't involve garbage cans at all). We send the litter back to the dirty-rotten-litter-buggers!

In Thailand there's a national park campsite that's been overrun with litter. According to this story,

…people who visited the park, last weekend in particular, left a large amount of trash and food waste by their campsites. He says they did not utilize the garbage bins that are provided at the park. Not only will the tourists get a box of their own trash in the mail, but the littering incident will also be recorded with the local police for violating the National Park Act.  (Keep reading here.)

Now, I realize people hanging out in our parks and people registering to use a campsite are different, but when we can find an envelope with an address in a garbage bag or trash heap someone drops off at a park, I say we either mail it back, or a volunteer drops it off on their doorstep. Speaking of volunteers, look at these three! Amazing!

James Rabe, Troy Dunken, Carly Ross collect litter to send back to the litter-bugs. (Townsquare Media)
James Rabe, Troy Dunken, and Carly Ross collect litter to send back to litter-bugs. (Townsquare Media)

Do we send it back in a box or a bag? I guess if they left a neat little bag of trash, maybe they get a neat little box of trash back. But back they get it. With a warning...

Dear Litter-Bugger,

You know, in Thailand you could get 5 years in prison for littering like this...we're just asking you not to be a dough-head. 


Everyone in Rochester, Minnesota Except You :) 

Like the heart? That tells 'em we're not being mean about it. Just parental.

We can keep this low cost by going all volunteer. Maybe you ask, "But James, who will volunteer?" And that is a great question. Who will volunteer. Not me. I'm pretty sure I'll be busy that day. Besides, I did all the research.

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