The stuff is right there in the hotel rooms and the AirBnB' it stealing? And is there new stuff you should be nabbing instead of the usual hotel soap, shampoo, and stuff like that? YES! Here's what you need to steal from hotels rooms!


In the old days, the only thing you wanted were ashtrays and matches. Maybe a coaster from the bar. If you were daring, you could steal the towels or plates from the hotel restaurant.

Oh, and stationary. Almost all hotels and motels had a folder with envelopes, paper, and post cards, so you could write a letter home, to your lover, or whatever (The St Paul Hotel still does this, fyi).

Then came the "steal the soap, shampoo, and hand lotion" era. Take it, love it. Perfect for travel. Or, if you're single, perfect for when you run out of shampoo and money.

Now, the soap, shampoo, and hand lotion era has expanded. First of all, most hotels have super upgraded the stuff to fancy-schmancy (others, not so much, mixing shampoo and conditioner in the same bottle...beware!). Some hotels even feature Aveda products.

Beyond the body cleaning stuff, is the coffee. Used to always be awful and not worth stealing. Recently, tho, hotels have installed Keurig coffee makers and boom! A new thing to take with me! Check the video, you'll see how successful I was over my last vacation.



Don't have your own Keurig Coffee Maker? Well, let's change that so you can start taking the good stuff from hotel rooms! Click HERE (or the picture) and you could end up grabbing your own Keurig!

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