Until today I had no idea the five-year-olds were against me. But I'd just finished a weather forecast and boom! Todd sends me a voice-memo with his kid telling me I'm all wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. No one is wronger. I am the wrongest. Everyone knows how wrong I am.

How did it all start? In the weather forecast, I must have said one of my favorite phrases; "Easy-Peazy Mac-and-Cheesy." Because after I finished the weather, the smack-down started...and continued!

Honestly. No idea it is supposed to be lemon squeezy. It's fine, it works, but seriously, mac-and-cheese is sooooo good! Add some roasted broccoli, peas, or more cheese, and you have a fine dinner!

Now that I've had the attack dogs on me, does anyone say Mac and Cheesy like me?

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