I've never really thought about how my wife would ever get along without me... until right now.

Cathy and Dave

There's this new, and very depressing, study out of Italy that found what lowers a woman's stress. Women become healthier and less stressed when their husbands pass away! The researchers found that men depend and rely on their wives for every thing!

The most common response from women in the study was that the dependence was "restrictive and frustrating". It was like a huge burden and nearly 200 pound weight had been lifted off their shoulders when their husbands passed away and they felt FREE!

The researchers also suspect that women cope better with the loss of a spouse because they express emotions better.

On the flip side,men become more stressed and less healthy with the loss of their spouse. Because now, the things they can't find from socks to keys are really, really truly gone and no one can help him find them and it's embarrassing to ask anyone else.

So, maybe this is like a wake-up call to become better organized and less dependent...?