In Times Square, a ball covered in crystals drops to signal to the revelers, it is the NEW YEAR! Is there something cool Rochester could Rochester could drop? Think about that for a bit as you read what they do in other states.

Here's a few things being dropped around the United States of America (according to Mental Floss)...

  • In Pennsylvania, a GIANT PEEP!!
  • In Prairie Du Chien, a DEAD CARP!
  • A BIG OLIVE in Oklahoma.
  • A HUGE PEACH in Atlanta.
Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • In North Carolina, an OVERSIZED FLEA
  • In Alabama, A MOONPIE
  • A "beautified" potato in Boise, Idaho.

So how about Rochester? A giant stethoscope? A massive tongue depressor? A scalpel covered in gems? Or maybe, a Canadian Goose!


Of course, if a sponsor wants to get involved it could be a coffee to go. Then, when it drops, hot coffee can be dispensed from within. Like 500 gallons. Would that be enough for everyone in the crowd?

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