Talking about the En Vogue free concert made me realize, a few moms might be bringing their kids to the Minnesota State Fair to see that concert, and it'll be their first! What was your first concert? Mine is the classic rock band, Emerson, Lake & Powell. 1987ish. The story of the concert is also the story of the big lie I told and how I was the worst boyfriend ever.

CREDIT: James Rabe
CREDIT: James Rabe just before graduation.

Less than a year after I graduated, my friend Blaine said, 'Hey...let's get tickets to see Emerson, Lake, and Powell!" So we did, even tho I'd promised my girlfriend I'd take her to homecoming the same weekend as the concert.

The problem was, my mom taught me, no matter how much you want to do the other thing, you ALWAYS stick with your promise. So what did I do? What did I do? I ditched her for the concert. A night off, vs a four-day trip? No competition. Plus I never told my mom about home-coming. She asked, but I said, "Homecoming? What? No...we weren't going to home-coming...why do you ask?" gets worse. I asked two of my friends to take her to homecoming for me. They said yes, problem solved! , Damn, I was so 18 I didn't think she'd be mad when I got back. Yeah, we were NOT all good after that. But that's another story.

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