What are the weird things we shop for more than any other state? Well, it seems we are a state of carefully groomed men (and maybe women?). 

The real estate website Estately looked at Google Shopping searches and found out the weird thing every state shops for more than anyone else, and whoo-boy!  Some make sense, some just seem...what?

Around us, North Dakota is stuck in the early 2000's and shop for George Foreman grills online. Exploding kittens in South Dakota. What? What is that? I had to Google that.

Iowa is all about the Lava Lamps, which is pretty cool. In Wisconsin they look up...ummm...well, there's no nice way of saying this, truck nuts.


C'mon Wisconsin! Why does ANYONE have these? To show us what you don't have? To remind the women you are the guy in the bar to avoid? Or, the woman in the bar to get to know. Totally different context if a woman buys 'em and hangs 'em, you know?

Anyway...around the country, Shamwow is the big thing in Idaho, bulk ammo in Wyoming, and the Borat Mankini in Colorado. Oh, and Tennesee, toupees. I'm going to think about that one for a while.

Meanwhile, back here in Minnesota...we shop for?

Mustache wax.

World Beard And Moustache Championships 2015
Getty Images

Do we have that many hipsters here?

See the whole map HERE.

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