Ok, it's fair week. Let's just say there are periods of time during the day when I'm not thinking about food at the Rice County Fair, I'm on Twitter, or watching 90s music videos on Youtube. I saw this tweet and I thought it was pretty accurate and cool. The Twitter user @MarkJWestpfahl used several different emoji's to create the shape of the #boldNorth. 

I mean that took some time to create. I liked the hospital to represent the Mayo Clinic. To the north, we see the Canadian flag, canoes for the BWCA, pickaxes for mining country, and corn for the rest of southern Minnesota. I would guess that's wheat along the border with North Dakota.

I question the line of ducks. Is that representative of the Mississippi River? Or am I missing something here? Where is the hidden Busch beer that Carly blogged about? Shouldn't that be indicated somewhere in this accurate Minnesota emoji representation?

If you were to emoji Wisconsin would it be all beer/cheese emojis? Iowa corn and beer? Alabama meth-gators?

Be sure to come visit us at the Rice County Fair this week!


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