If you would've said to me back in the 90's, when I was actually selling those huge Motorola bagphone cellphones, (remember those?)  that we would have these tiny little smartphones, Id've never believed you.

Photo Courtesy of Larry Hendrick The Art Of Technology

I used to have to program those suckers.   They had to be hardwired and installed into vehicles.   It was maybe, 1990.

Motorola Brick Phone / Ebay

I remember the 'Brick phone' too.   They weighed a ton, you probably could create some serious neck problems if you spent too long talking, and it cost pretty much $3.00 a minute to use them back then.   Yes kids, they really did exist.

Fast forward now, 24 years later.  I suppose I am dating myself now, eh?  They say cars are going to start offering apps.    Do we really need any more distractions while driving?   I say we should hurry up and invent automatically driven cars.