How can people afford to go out on dates? If you don't have kids (at least not THAT weekend), getting there, drinks, dinner, maybe a movie after, food at the movie (duh!) and then back home. I don't know how anyone affords it.

Sure, you can make dinner, or coupon it, etc, but I'm talking about going out on a nice date. According to, the national average date will cost you about $110. In the most expensive US city, NYC, it'll run you $156 (which sounds LOW for NYC prices). In Oklahoma (the least expensive), you'll clock in at about $88.

Minneapolis is listed at $118, good enough for 18th place.

But what about Rochester? says it's 18% more expensive to live in Minneapolis than Rochester, so $96.76 for date night. That sounds like a LOT of money, that what y'all pay (and go broke doing it) or is your date-night way less expensive?

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