It's been a brutal week for iconic foods.

First, the inventor of the Big Mac died. Then, the man who created General Tso's chicken followed suit. We just hope the genius responsible for barbecue ribs is safe.

The Big Mac and General Tso's are two staples of greasy, clearly unhealthy-but-oh-so-delicious fare. They're perfectly scrumptious choices when you're hungry, don't want to spend a lot and really don't care or want to think about what they could be doing to your body.

If you're feeling down in the dumps, you can do a lot worse than grabbing a quick Big Mac or ordering some General Tso's for delivery (this dish gets a bonus because, let's be honest, there are almost always leftovers for you to enjoy the next day).

Are these the ideal comfort foods, though? Is a quick run to Mickey D's better than, say, a pint of Häagen-Dazs? Is an order of General Tso's going to make you forget your worries quicker than if you ate a king size Snickers?

There is no wrong answer, but some foods just seem to lend themselves to comfort more than others. We've selected a few, but don't be shy about including your own.

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