My sister and I work together now, and I love it! Today, however, she walks into the studio wearing MY shirt. It felt like I had jumped into a time machine and was standing in front of my teenage sister. I remember her asking to borrow that shirt. It was MONTHS ago. Yet I've seen her many times since then, and she never gave it back. This of course, isn't the first time she's done this.

When I went on vacation back in November, I asked her to house sit and watch the fur-kids. She was ever so gracious to do it. A couple weeks later, we had a girls night with a bunch of friends, and she shows up in MY pants!! Pants that I never gave her permission to take. Pants that still had the tags on them. Pants that I really love! What the crap?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having a sister - she's my best friend. BUT, I'm going to be 30 next week, and she is 27. How old is too old to raid your sister's closet? Is it an unwritten rule that sisters can always steal each other's clothes?

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