A new survey says: the average girl now starts wearing make-up at age eleven.    I'm a geezer and I occasionally wear it, but not often.  When I was growing up I remember it being around high school age when I started seeing others wearing makeup.  Boys had it so easy, in my humble opinion.  No countless hours curling their hair every morning before school.  In my day, the kids would poof their hair up so it stood a few inches over their head, talk about the craziest style ever!  I grew up in the horrible hair era of the 80's. Makeup was another story, think back to how long it took to learn how to wear it?  I still wonder if I know.  (ha)

Research (more specifically from this survey,) indicates that 61% of the women questioned in a survey had said girls were at least three years younger in starting to use make-up than their generation were, and now pre-teens using cosmetics is the norm. They also claim that the average age of starting to wear make-up was now 11.13 years and 89% did not think this was a good thing.

There are even TV shows about youngons, even younger than 11.13 years old, involved in beauty pageants... take for example, the video below:

What are your thoughts?

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