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In November, Rochester will be voting on a referendum to fund park upgrades. Upgrades a lot of people have been asking for, but for which there's no money. However, some smaller projects have been going on and that includes the update at Younge Park But when will it finish?

Yesterday, the Rochester Minnesota Parks and Rec were asked about the park on Twitter...

It's not a big renovation...just adding a couple "structures" and a swing set, with a $100,000 budget.


In a conversation I had on KROC NEWS with Mayor Kim Norton, she said people have been asking for improvements in various parks, but there's just not money in the budget for them. So, the referendum gives Rochester a chance to say yes or no to about $2,000,000 a year for a bunch of things related t parks.

Shall the City of Rochester, Minnesota, be authorized to levy property taxes in the amount of $2,000,000 to provide a dedicated source of funding to protect water quality and natural areas; conserve trees and wooded areas that help to protect air quality; improve access to existing parks and recreational facilities for kids and people with disabilities; improve park safety; and maintain, operate, and improve existing parks?

The average homeowner would end up paying $33 a year. The department has more park refernendum info HERE.

PERSONAL NOTE: If I were a parent, I'd be contacting the city and the parks department to gettem to put a huge chunk of money toward rebuilding our city swimming pools (maybe even making a water park).

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